Blog Post #1: Initial Personal Assessment

My strength in technology is that I am willing to experiment with it and feel comfortable “playing around”. I use technology and social media in my personal life, and in my previous career I wrote a lot of computer code and experimented with programs to customize them for my needs. This semester I used technology often in my teaching because my partner teacher used technology in his classroom. While I am comfortable using technology inside and outside of the classroom, I would like to have a better understanding on how the technology can be used to encourage my students to explore and discover. I would also like to learn how to help student engage in technology.

In my practicum last semester, my partner teacher used technology in a variety of educational settings. I spent time experimenting with different technology applications in my own teaching but I would like to discover how to better link technology to the curriculum as a tool for learning. I am familiar with some educational tools (D2L, e-portfolios) but would like to see examples of how other technologies can be used as educational tools. One of the areas I’m most interested in is using technology to increase understanding, not just as a tool to demonstrate understanding or as a teaching gimmick. The article linked on the course page Life in an Inquiry Driven, Technology Imbedded, Connected Classroom mentions three ways that technology can be imbedded in a classroom curriculum: research, capturing information and displaying learning. I’d like to learn more about how technology can be used to accomplish these aims, particularly in the research and capturing information phases.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post #1: Initial Personal Assessment

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